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Cleaning CPAP & COVID-19

Posted by Lara Rintoul on

Many CPAP users are concerned about their CPAP cleaning techniques during these trying times with Covid-19.

“Are there additional steps I should be taking?”

Here are a few tips to help maintain thorough cleaning of your equipment:

• Be sure to wash your hands prior to handling your CPAP equipment.
• Keep up with your monthly filter changes. No special filter is required.
• Regular, daily mask cleaning is important. Purdoux CPAP Soap & mask wipes are all appropriate cleaners for the cushion of your mask or nasal pillows. Continue cleaning this part of your mask that touches your face every morning.
• Continue weekly cleaning of your whole mask, headgear, and hose with warm, soapy water. Leave time for these to dry before use.
• Follow recommended equipment replacement from your provider. Humidifier pots, as well as CPAP tubing should be replaced every 6-12 months.
• Masks should be replaced at least every 12 months.
• If you are interested in full Sanitization of your CPAP mask and humidifier pot,

CanSleep recommends the Lumin UV Sanitizing System, which kills 99% of bacteria in 5 easy minutes. Regular cleaning still required.

For more information on the Lumin UV Sanitizing System, or our Maintenance Package for any replacement CPAP equipment you may need, visit our website at www.cansleep.ca!

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