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LUMIN™ UV CPAP Mask & Accessory Cleaner

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Features of the Lumin CPAP Mask Cleaner:

  • Safely Cleans Equipment With a UV Light System
  • Quick, Five-Minute Cycle
  • Disinfects Non-CPAP Items
  • Easy-to-Use Design
  • No Replacement Parts Needed
  • Does Not Use Activated Oxygen or Ozone to Disinfect
  • Helps with rashes and skin breakouts

The Lumin operates using a specialized high powered germicidal UV bulb. The drawer is made of polished aluminum which reflects the UV light to improve coverage. UV disinfection is effective on bacteria, viruses, mold, and fungi; and is well suited for keeping your CPAP mask and humidifier water chamber free from bacteria that can make you sick.

CPAP masks and the humidifier are in contact with warm moist air throughout the night, the ideal environment for breeding bacteria. Daily use of the Lumin will help keep you healthy and compliant with your CPAP equipment. Because the Lumin operates using a form of high energy light, it is very effective in disinfecting your mask and your humidifier water chamber.

Disassembly of your mask is not required for daily routine santization. Once a week, however, most manufacturers, including 3B Medical, recommend that you disassemble your mask to wipe down residue which no disinfection method will remove otherwise. A disassembled mask can be placed in the Lumin for an even more thorough disinfection. The Lumin, however, is not effective in disinfecting your CPAP hose.

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