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Fisher & Paykel SleepStyle™ CPAP Machine

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The Fisher & Paykel SleepStyle CPAP Device features:

  • An easy access-chamber that lifts out of the top of the machine with ease
  • User-friendly menu and buttons which are larger than typically seen, with larger font as well.
  • Built-in connectivity options so you and your respiratory therapist can monitor your progress both online and on the SleepStyle app.
  • SensAwake™, Responsive ramp throughout the night. When wakefulness is detected the treatment pressure will automatically be reduced to a more comfortable level.

Get set up and started, simply.
The SleepStyle has simplicity woven into its design. Every detail was considered to make it easy for you to use. In just a few steps, you will be on your way to starting therapy.

Machine comes with power cord, filter (should be changed every 3 months or sooner if discolored), humidifier chamber, heated hose, and an adapter for non-heated hose.

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Important Note:

We require a valid prescription before we can fill orders for CPAP devices as these are prescription medical supplies. Masks and accessories can still be purchased without an Rx.
Please see our Prescriptions tab for more information.