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Löwenstein prisma SMART CPAP

Löwenstein prisma SMART CPAP

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"The new prisma SMART continues the tradition of high-quality auto-CPAP devices from Löwenstein Medical and offers the new option of classic or dynamic pressure regulation for personalized respiratory therapy. The familiar pressure relief softPAP can be activated at any time. Classic, simple user navigation with easy-to-read display. The standard supply schedule includes a pollen filter. The device can be combined with the well-known humidifier prismaAQUA."  

Manufacturer Website: https://homecare.loewensteinmedical.com/en/produkt/prisma-smart-2/

Quiet & Soft

German Made

Water Chamber: removeable to make travelling easier & dishwasher safe

User Friendly App: track your sleep therapy & obtain helpful tips for comfort and success

Important Note:

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